Member Spotlight

Erik WeathersErik Weathers, Weathers Cleaning, BNI Business Developers




 Aaron Pazik, Peak Spinal Care, BNI Main Street





Jeff Rosen, Red Rose Improvements, BNI Networker's Choice




Helen Dukhan, HD Family Law Group, BNI Achieving Advantage





Moshe Zchut, NetLZ Consulting, BNI Strategic Connections





Dr. Katherine Cano, Cano Physical Therapy, BNI Gold Coast Chapter



Mark FutterweitLaw Offices Of Marc A. Futterweit, BNI Achieving Advantage Chapter



Joe Byrnes, Byrnes' Electric, BNI Networker's Choice Chapter



Terry Camp, Budd Larner, BNI Networker's Choice Chapter




Tom Kouvel, Kouvel Insurance Associates, BNI Liberty Chapter



Baret Kechian, Mortgage Master, BNI Gold Coast Chapter


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