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Marc Futterweit is an eight-year member of BNI’s Achieving Advantage chapter. He is also a two-time breast cancer survivor.

“I first found something on my breast in 2007. I had surgery in January 2008, then found something again in 2016,” Marc related. After the first episode, Marc needed no treatment at all. “I just had surgery and it seemed to be gone,” he said.

He said that the second time the growth looked like a little pimple, but it was very aggressive, requiring chemo and radiation. He has the last intravenous therapy this week, and will have to continue on oral medication for five years.

Marc will soon be participating in the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure. He will bring 10-15 members of his chapter with him to form a team, Dreammakers. The race takes place on May 21 at the Liberty State Park.

“It’s actually more than just a race,” Marc said. “It’s a great family event, with a fun run and all kinds of tents and activities.

“I challenge the other groups in the region to start their own teams and join us in our fight to eradicate this terrible disease,” Marc added. “Together, we can make the dream of a world without breast cancer come true "

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