Moshe Zchut

Imagine if referrals from just one networking group could bring you $1 million in business. Moshe Zchut doesn’t have to imagine it. He is living it. The web designer/digital marketing expert recently received a referral that he can trace back for five generations, all from BNI members.

Moshe has been a member of BNI Strategic Connections for 10 years, and is now the president of the group. Putting in nearly a full year of his life over the last 10 years, he said, has certainly paid off for him.

“Someone called me a couple of weeks ago about building a website for marketing for a property management company,” Moshe said. “I asked where he got my name. The referral was from a lawyer who is a client, referred by another lawyer who is also a client. When I stopped to figure it out, I found that this referral went back around seven years. It turned out to be a fifth generation referral.”

Moshe said that if a name comes from a BNI source, even someone who is no longer in the group, he usually remembers the name.

“If I can get the name of where a prospective client got my name,  I’ve come to find that it usually comes from BNI in one way or another!”

See Moshe's member profile here.

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