Erik Weathers

Eric Weathers
Second in the Series
BNI Members Achieving Success through Rutgers Entrepreneurship Course

Eric Weathers, of BNI Business Developers, has a successful business, Weathers Cleaning. He thought he was pretty well versed at running his business. So when he received information about the Rutgers Entrepreneurship Pioneers initiative, at first he put it aside.

“I came across the information about the program in my email one day when it was close to the deadline, and I decided to apply. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business.”

Eric said that the program has really helped him look at everything in his business differently. “I’ve learned so much already, and there’s still months to go in the program,” he said. “I am looking at everything in my business in an entirely different way. I can’t recommend this program highly enough.”

The program means so much to Eric and his business’s success that he has changed his schedule for it.

“I make sure that nothing gets in the way of class. I had the opportunity to go away with my family for a long weekend on a Friday when we had class, and I chose not to leave until class was over. I just find this information too important to miss,” Eric said. 

Erik's profile page can be seen here.

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